Midà believes in the principle whereby product quality is directly linked to the qualitative level of the organisational structure itself.
Quality management involves numerous considerations, including: quality system management planning (internal checks, preventive and corrective actions), the monitoring of customer satisfaction, product controls, company process checks, the management of indicators for process assessment, and the submission of periodic reports to management.

Internally, Midà embraces a daily commitment to strive for product and organisational excellence, with its quality and management control departments. Said commitment is also tangible in official documents: Midà has obtained the RINA declaration, a nautical classification, certification, conformity control, inspection and testing system.

Midà has also undertaken the path towards ISO 9000 certification. The ISO 9000 standard series features an important innovation compared to the previous edition. Initially, quality was perceived as the result of product quality and procedure implementation. In the 2000 version, focus has shifted towards the system and company process management, in this sense we speak of a quality management system. Midà aims to ensure that company processes reflect high qualitative standards each and every day, translating into a product which effectively conveys the company's constant attention to detail and 100% Made in Italy skilled craftsmanship.

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