TORRE CINTOLA – Natural Sea Emotions, Capitolo _ Monopoli


Harmony between the quiet of nature and the charm of architecture

After major rebuilding work coordinated by the architect Nicola De Pasquale, this resort with an illustrious past comes back to life in its original configuration of single-dome residential units, plus an extension designed to blend seamlessly with the natural environment surrounding Torre Cintola – Natural Sea Emotions. The new complex offers 283 accommodation units in room and suite formats. At the request of the client, Midà custom-produced all the new fixtures and fittings to meet the architectural specificities of the site. 

Celebrating the unique quality of the architecture, preserving its detailing and fully realizing the potential of every element.

Architect Nicola De Pasquale

Architect Nicola De Pasquale

Nicola De Pasquale architect provided a very professional service designing and supervising the rebuild of Torre Cintola – Natural Sea Emotions.

- Arch. Nicola De Pasquale

Unusual living spaces

The first step in the reconstruction of the interiors was to determine how best to exploit the available space with professionalism, skill and ingenuity. Midà applied the ideas of architect Nicola De Pasquale in a setting of unique spatial constraints, giving form to the concept which has guided the modernization of Torre Cintola – Natural Sea Emotions and using this concept as the basis for the materials and styles which now characterize the complex.

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