Experience in guaranteeing that touch of craftsmanship on the one hand, attention to technological innovations and the highest-performing materials on the other, all guided within a meticulously structured production process, every step of the way. Control over criteria and every single step of the process guarantees final product quality. From project analysis to execution according to the highest of standards, including after-sales assistance: each and every step is grounded in a culture of service and attention to the customer, enabling Midà to make all the difference.


For Midà, trust is both a binding force and starting point. The customer expresses their own needs and desires, providing access to an intimate and sensitive area, placing their faith in us to produce a correct and creative interpretation. Their decision to entrust the creation of their own expectation, based on potential evaluations, is inspired by the company's commercial policies and references, as well as staff behaviour.
Midà aims to create a relationship based on repaid trust and attention to customers. In light of this, each customer is assigned a single commercial reference person for the entire sales process, to guarantee utmost understanding of purchase requirements. Frankness, competence and empathy are guidelines which ensure the clear illustration of conditions, complexities and limits, product know-how and identification with the needs of others. The decision to embrace a policy grounded in transparency and integrity, also through compliance with an ethical code, enables us to consolidate a relationship based on trust, right from the outset.


This phase involves the collection of all project documentation, such as graphic printouts, technical specifications, renders and creative proposals, if already drawn up. Otherwise, an interpretation is elaborated, based on customer requirements in aesthetic and functional terms, to bring ideas to life. If necessary, preliminary drawings are submitted to the customer for approval, along with financial proposals and any material samples. Our skilled and experienced technical team identifies the best possible solution. In the case of highly complex projects, obstacles are a stimulus around which our passion crystallises. We tirelessly explore suitable alternatives to bring the project to life, no matter how visionary. Midà also undertakes to execute each and every project in the best possible way, with the most suitable techniques and materials for an optimal result and above all, with extreme transparency of technical and financial information.


The veritable Midà production process begins with the appointment of a project manager from the technical division who works with the reference sales person for the practical execution of the project in all phases: the sales reference person transmits project specifications as well as motivations for the purchase. At Midà every project is an opportunity for self-examination. We embrace even the most complex challenges and find creative solutions to difficulties: a critical spirit and passion for work stimulate experimentation, the research of new technologies and innovative materials with unprecedented performance. Industrial engineering using evolved machinery enables the modelling of material while respecting its nature: the curve of a staircase, the use of waterproof and anti-fingerprint materials in wellness centres and motorhomes, hiding a screen or lifting mechanism using domotics and hydraulics are examples of just some of our successful solutions to challenges.


Upon transforming the project into a product, the technical division's added value consists in its ability to understand what requires execution, right down to the finest of construction details, right from the outset. After conducting necessary surveys and inspections, complex working drawings are completed whenever necessary or requested. Initial output consists of tables with floor plans, sections, perspectives and details on all construction solutions.
Working drawings are also crucial for drawing up a bill of quantities and lists of materials, in addition to the preparation of programs with working coordinates for medium to large sized numeric three and five axle control machines, as well as final product assembly instructions.


Before proceeding with production, Midà develops a work plan containing information on elements to be executed and resources required to this end, based on the project area and assembly phases for single interiors. The analysis breaks down into an initial activity planning phase which is carried out by the production planning department. Project duration and deadline, the quantity and availability of necessary resources, the period of time required to obtain materials and time frames for the execution of various activities are all taken into consideration, in coordination with other projects currently under way.
The WBS are the output of this planning phase, providing a structural breakdown of projects and products, together with Gantt diagrams, used to monitor the distribution of resources and time frames.
The successive project execution phase consists of a series of periodic update meetings to check for any deviation from what has been planned and potential corrective actions to be applied.


100% Made in Italy furnishings require expert, specialised hands if they are to yield extraordinary results. However, in this technologically advanced age, machines and industrial engineering criteria are equally indispensable.
Based on the bill drawn up by the technical department, the finest raw materials are sourced, purchased and stored in internal warehousing areas. Then, thanks to numerical control work centres, it is possible to proceed with processing characterised by extreme precision, completed by artisan details requiring a touch of craftsmanship. The internal painting department also plays a crucial role insofar as it guarantees the advantage of uniform application and colour. At the end of this process, pieces are transferred to a piece management warehouse, from which they are channelled to the final assembly area.
Midà has also established partnerships with local suppliers of proven specialisation, following their guidelines and supplying any tailored measurements requiring a specific and different professionalism.


A passion and artisan knowledge are prerequisites but not sufficient for a result characterised by high qualitative standards. At Midà, high level raw materials, prepared personnel and state-of-the-art machinery are just some of the factors which determine the quality of products whose measure and ultimate aim is customer satisfaction.
Accurate and meticulous quality controls ensure the effective checking of processes and products, as well as the elimination of any non-conformities through the implementation of corrective or preventive actions. At Midà the entire production chain is subject to quality controls, from raw materials up to finished products, including various
article processing phases, to ensure the timely detection of potential critical issues. This monitoring process culminates in the end functionality and aesthetic congruence test, based on the project.


The logistics department manages the rapid flow of materials and related information flows: from raw materials to final product delivery for customers.
At its own site of over 6000m2, Midà has a raw material storage area as well as separate zones for inbound and outbound materials. The documental and strategic flow of said materials is accurately monitored to guarantee the optimisation of time and costs.
Whenever required for internal logistics purposes, the final product is protected by thorough and specific packaging for each product type, created in a special area by qualified personnel and in compliance with all regulations. Extensive experience on foreign market and involvement in projects of considerable complexity means that Midà has developed logistic coordination skills and reactivity to ensure compliance with delivery dates, as well as flexibility in the management of unexpected worksite events.


The final contribution of Midà, consisting of assembly and installation upon request, enables customers to harness the full potential of custom production and turnkey solutions. Assembly teams consist of highly specialised personnel who have perfected their ability to work in harmony as a team in virtue of long-lasting and continuous collaboration with our company. Team leaders have extensive problem solving skills developed during international installation assignments.
In contract projects, Midà seamlessly aligns assembly phases to match work site progress. Lastly, Midà has honed extensive experience in virtue of the sheer variety of sectors it has developed projects for, distinguishing itself in terms of flexibility in the management of all kinds of installations.


Midà believes in the ethical management of sales as well as reliable and professional behaviour towards customers. This belief also emerges in market analyses: according to the American Express, “Customer Service Barometer almost 90% of consumers make purchases based on the quality of after sales and customer assistance services”. In order to establish and maintain a privileged relationship of trust with its own customers, Midà offers continuous and constant assistance over time. This must be underpinned by a commitment to guaranteeing the availability, also in the future, of production methods, execution techniques and the finishing of purchased products. Both requests for repair and integration are managed rapidly and professionally, on a par with new orders. Midà aims to create a value for its own customers and pursue their satisfaction: order delivery is not perceived as the be all and end all, rather it is the beginning of a relationship to be reinforced over time.

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